The Wound of Time

One, two, three; the Universe moves forward
Across what is perceived as eternity. Where
Does one find their place in this race? I swear
I’m nowhere at all and sinking into what I feared.

“Look up.” Two words keeping me afloat
In this ocean of space and time. It may be cold
Within me but I’ll always offer this old coat.

Those words somehow warm me up still.
Perhaps every heart has cracks to fill.

A wound there since forever. Someday it heals
Leaving you somewhere new. Somewhere
Where happiness is. A beach covered in shells
And a gentle tide washing the bright shore.

Where do I belong? Tell me the choice is mine
But understand this. . .I don’t want to be alone.

Sit with me in the wound of time. Get lost
Until you never question why. With a sigh
Let go of the game of chance and don’t lie
To your heart. From now on forget the cost.

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