To Light Up the Dark

Sunder the daylight breaking through a window.
A distraction of light kisses this naked skin
Giving rise to a vivid, desperate hallucination.
Captured by the intangible hands of tomorrow.

Scream to let out the carbon dioxide that gathers inside,
The reality has shifted among the parallel lines of time.

Untold legends, unseen history, unforgettable life;
Sold your heart between what’s disreputable
And accepted. The light bends to be received.
Everything comes undone on the molecular level
As the choice to walk or stop comes on by.

What truth remains on the path paved in perspective?
A tricky deceit like a blank receipt leaves life unseen.
The darkness, lack of evolution, will always paralyze
Those who never adapt. Light it up with what’s between
These two hemispheres. This all might be subjective.

I’m drifting among the dust of dead stars seeking gravity,
A fiery birth of light to pierce the dark and grant amnesty.

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