At The Mercy of Fate

Across the shatter sky I saw
A burst of light. I knew it was you.
The warmth inside found a chill
That only you could conjure up.

Today I know you’re safe and
Tomorrow I’ll await a sign.
How will you tell me? I wonder.
Hope drives me on as it dwindles.
Eternally I fall for your soft words,
Ephemeral kisses I wish to taste.

Monumental display of compassion
Materializing from my own sacrifice.
Eyes tell about the true love we seek
Endlessly. We are torn. Tell me are you
Ready? To wrought a path from thorns.
Requiem of the Heart: Your cute smile
Creates a lightness I was always without.
Centuries of choices led to us standing here
Yelling our hearts into the open air.
Years will go by and we will grow together.

Obsolete hands interwoven. Know that I will
Fight to hold on to this love, our city on a hill.

Fires still rage deep inside
After the first time we kissed.
Take me from where I hide,
Enter the world I have missed.

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