Fireburst, A Melody of My Heart

Trying hard to impress; beautiful
In success, ugly in failure. A story
To write onto bones day by day.
Lines drawn leave an emptiness.

I tell myself I’m good but digress inside.
Afraid and taunted I feel fire like a tide.

Build the pyre higher. Reaching to the dark skies
Where stars no longer shine. Light pollution,
I can no longer find my way with these unfit eyes.
The sparkling city feels like artificial isolation.

Celestial tears fade away within. Dreams seize up,
Body goes stiff. I can’t bear this curse any longer.
Getting back up, blood pushing through; reborn.

A fiery passion arises. I come face to face with my fate
But rejected it. If this flame remains I’ll soon detonate
Like a time bomb. Before I came to help way too late
And saw the battle lost. This war remains. Now I’m irate.

Watch the flower blossom, a fireburst taking over.
When pushed to the line I return stronger than ever.

I wish in the end that we’ll be cleansed of this war’s taint!
When the dead rise we have gone too far. My undead heart
Fuels a battle cry you’ll soon feel rushing through. A blade
Pierces fragile flesh as we shake and scream for this life.

In this love we can’t ever give up. That’s what you told
Me way back when. I’ll be the fireburst that will hold
You in fiery warmth if your heart and soul ever go cold.

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