Wraiths (Stories Untold)

The dark shadows and rays of light transpose
Within this plane. All the dreams left to compose
Haunt the open air from the throes of the rising
Sun, throughout the day, after the last horizon.

Always. The journey across the three dimensional plane
Comes with heavy trials. Should you take a leap of faith?
Somethings might feel right and others wrong. Pouring rain
And sunny days exist but it’s the choices that will create a wraith.

To stand where so many choices come by but unable to grab
Them all. These small hands can only hold so much in the end.

Everyday the wraiths wander around me and I watch
Them as if they’re birds. I have walked down the path
I believed in but they remain here day by day. The wrath
Of untold stories burdens me as I release the iron latch.

Witnessing possibilities untold a magic can be found
In these different frames of time. New realities resound.


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