Accepting the Earth

All the arrows shatter to a volley of bullets. Is this peace
Or a charade? From their plans to their coup de grâce.

Iron gritting against stone. Each spark is a dream
More like a blossom caught by the howling wind.
We’ve fallen behind the line drawn in our bodies
To dictate between what’s real and what we feel.

I followed the lessons I’ve been taught to see with new eyes.
They analyze what has materialized before me. Of blue skies
And broken hearts I try to concentrate on my life that defies.

The crystalline towers reaching skyward deceive your intentions.
If the only way out is running. . .I don’t want out. We must face
Our own monsters or history will repeat. What we can’t erase
Must be the truth but we’ll never know until we face our demons.

The battlefield between Heaven and Hell, glorious ideals,
Is fought on Earth. I took to the blade with no understanding
To why I cut down where Hell grows. What happens to here
When one side finally wins? I’ll pick the Earth and its flaws.

I tried to live in the maelstrom that never, ever made landfall.
From this day I see a break of light in the darkened sky above.


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