Often I find myself passing through endless
Doorways. Walking, running; is it hopeless?

To find a way back into the sunlight. I wonder.
These doors are different but only one is mine
And beyond it awaits more. How much further?
I’m barging my way through. Like loud thunder
My heart pounds out of my chest. I’m scared
That these doors are all life will ever be. Tell me,
Tell me there’s still a way even as we fall under.

Shatter the view I see and all these glass panes
Blocking the way. I’ll find my way in the aftermath.

The illusion shattered but I was by myself in the air
Floating above our consciousness. I saw people
Passing through endless doorways. How is it fair
That they accept their fates? Take me to a steeple
And I’ll think about what I can do. It’s a life we share.

My words and actions won’t break every illusion
But I can start the work of debasing our delusion.


I’ll reboot the dimension around me and create a life where lies aren’t necessary.

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