Autumn Wind

The wind passes through branches and leaves
Whistling on its way. A path to let go.
My cheek feels the wind’s gentle kiss
And I smile remembering tears in her sleeves.
I put an arm around her to no avail so
I touch her cheek with my lips without miss.

 Things changed. Dreams of paradise and love
Shattered with the coldness of reality
Leaving me in a lifeless void. I lost myself
To only find myself confused and broken.

Days are now months and the wound has healed.
Scarred tissue holds more than memories
Of tissues to my eyes and curses to her name.
We roll the dice in hope but we play no game.

Life. It’s a battlefield of hearts. Give and take,
Mistakes happen and hearts shatter like glass.

Either we piece them back together
Or we walk away forever.

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