A Deep Blight / A Friend Lost

Light, thin leaves fall from olden trees.
Months before Autumn,
A corruption takes hold as our eyes close.
Floating in an open dream,
Unsure of what’s reality
And what’s fiction, desires at hand,
Eternity’s gates open,
Time races by, life withers away.

How does one sip sweet ambrosia
To slip under the veil of lies, Lethe?
Shattered memories, forgotten days;
Forsaking everything for sole salvation.
What of trepidation? Immune. Oblivious.
A lifetime under the Sun and Moon
Scorned, forgotten, and lost. Why?
Darkness swept away the daylight
And twilight haunted the path.

If I could place myself right next to you
Would it be the same? A broken life to renew
But you ran away. Where did you go?
I was a friend, a comrade; am I now a foe?

Your lips touch the metal of the chalice,
My heart beats faster and faster,
A sweet liquid pours down, I roll the dice,
Praying to not lose my friend. Water;
Quenching your thirst but the taste ain’t nice
When all you drink gets sweeter and sweeter.

Tell me why this world falls apart!
You enter paradise and walk over the fire,
No idea of what’s going on. Does it fix anything?
Does denial hold you in the dark of night?
Swallowing deathly toxins, rolling in the dirt,
And walking away from the panorama of despair.
Does this make it easier? Does this satisfy you?
Nothing to grieve, no respect to give, no life to live.

I gave you a home, solace, and time.
What did you give? Or did you just take?

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