Update #1

I’m not feeling that great so I may take until Tuesday to get Part I of the City of Glass and the first chapter of Part II finished. I apologize for this momentary pause in blog updates. Thank you everyone for liking and following me. It means a lot. I’ll be sure to keep to this promise!

In even better news I’m thinking about what I’ll be writing after the City of Glass. I need to explain something first. Why do I write? I grew up in a small town in the fields of the Midwest. I didn’t think much about the world but I knew it is the place everyone calls home. My father, a farmer, worked hard to make sure the family had a good life. We did. Maybe my sisters and myself had it too good because we grew distant from the good times. We all strive for something greater and I know my sisters found it in their lives.

As the youngest of three kids I watched the other two grow up. I saw their mistakes and tried my best to learn from them. Years rolled by. Weakness grabbed me from my paradise. I got diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy Duchenne at age ten. I didn’t think anything of it until I found myself in a wheelchair at twelve. Playing video games filled up my spare time. Subtletys of life stay the same. I grew unattached to everyone while I dug deeper into myself for an escape. I wanted to go to college after highschool for a chance at a normal life. I didn’t.

I couldn’t with my disease and family situation. I’ll be twenty-one in November and sometimes I feel like a burden to my parents. They gave me the chance at a normal life instead of abandoning me like many parents do to physically disabled offspring. I’m eternally grateful for this life because although I faced many struggles with this life somehow I never stopped seeing the good in it.

I started dedicating myself to thought. The world intrigued me and I wanted to understand my heart before doing anything serious. I started to see how many people live in want to further themselves. I didn’t think too much about it until I realized how many people are hurt by it. The LGBT Movement was great but we’re not far enough for  the change to be permanent. People are still starving in major cities but we care more about our pleasure. This is an atrocity to humanity. Everything scared me. I searched deeper and deeper looking for a reason to move forward. I found it.

Gandhi’s quote that says “Be the change that you seek.” touched me. I’ve wrote since I was a kid about worlds of fantasy. I longed for a world where people accept each other and stand together for the future. My dreams of change were revived by the quote. I can bring change to the world as long as I live for it. I promised to give my whole life to this want. My heart discovered truth, happiness, and purpose all at once.  How do I make this all work?

I need to be more open to my heart because I want people to abandon their greedy pursuits. If I can find a way to live in harmony with others maybe they’ll learn from me. Life is beautiful. Humanity is beautiful. Love is beautiful. The hippies had the right idea but it takes a pragmatic point of view to set things right. I want to spend my whole life helping others set this straight.

My future writings will be from my heart that bears faith in brotherhood, compassion, and change. I’ll love to take requests at any time. (I’ll set something up for that once I can.) Please if you take anything from Vasha’Lakar: don’t abandon anyone in this world.

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