Asphyxiated, Intoxicated; Complicated

Each day starts the exact same with blue skies
Greeting my rested eyes with more than darkness
And birds singing ever so sweetly. I was restless
But yesterday is gone. Beneath the sun dew dries.

A single event often overlooked. This young, new day
Is something truly special. What more can we say?

Life awakes from a slumber, renewed by dreams,
To begin anew. A pretty reminder: We can change.
When lost seek the morning light! It leads home.
I found myself homesick in my own home. Memories
Faded, dreams shattered; I needed a little hope.
Something worth waking for. I lost it. Nothing heals
When the wound isn’t left alone. A wound on my heart
Aching for a reason. This Season of nothingness
Infects everything I touch. Like Midas I am alone.
Where did my happiness go? Away. I might pray
But find no escape. Yet, the mornings remain. Why?
When everything fails the scenery catches me.
“I’m unworthy of this silent brilliance. I am weak
And worn out but here we are giving me some hope.”

Chased the darkness long enough. Dawn will return
Light to where it belongs. Just let the shadows burn.

I’m asphyxiated by the scent of morning dew.
My lungs feel strong, I love the freshness, and a few
Memories of love bring tears to my eyes. A new
Day has come. I begin thinking of my lover too.

I’m intoxicated by the friendships made.
If I don’t get up and live they will all fade!

The reason for me to live on is complicated.

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