Summerday Serenade

In a crowd of many people
I hear not a single voice.
They speak but a choice
Made them unable to stifle
My senses. Unity was never
What I craved for. A clever
Deceit hiding my heart’s temple.

The sea of unknown faces
Rises and crashes into me.
I sink under the tides to drown
Because I feel rejected and lost.
Will they forget me if I disappear?
Paradoxes created in my head
Sing me to sleep and death someday.
But I swim toward the sunlight
In belief that living is better than dying.
A harsher reality hits me in the jaw.


A city of liars and thieves on the heights.
They come for a fight and another trip
When I break the lines they worship.
Turn the safety off and line up the sights.

The enemies are everywhere. They hide
From the light to stab us in the back. Ride
Daylight until it fades and at night stay inside.

I’m not strong enough to fight forever.
On the darkest of nights betrayal
Pierced into my heart. I had to sever
A bond I gave everything to. Denial
Kept me from acting earlier, my bad.
Love is something precious. I was sad
Until her lies surfaced. It was trivial.

Being alone taught me so much and
Gave me time to sort out the past. Sand
In an hourglass might never go in reverse
But an unsettled past can become a curse.


Living to fight? I never wanted that.
Lies exist but they can’t conceal the truth
No matter how much time passes.
I decided to write but the motivation
Wasn’t there. Found myself in the dark.
Heartbeat speeds up, sweat drips; fear.

My past collided with me like a Big Bang.
A friend I turned on for a deceitful romance
Who returned to start again. Without someone
Lying to me I agreed. A kindness abused
Shouldn’t be the death of a friendship.
She became my Summerday Serenade.

In two lines is eternity:

You are my Summerday, a whole lifetime
Given to someone. Hearts that rhyme.

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