The Shards of a Glorious Crown

Everything comes apart. Everyone has been here
And surviving the fallout might seem impossible
But there’s much to lose. When all the cheer
Dies like a flower in the frosts of an early Fall.

Dejected dreams circulate through. Regrets and shame
Enter like a virus clawing at the core of life. An influenza
Without any cure shakes the reality sown with careful hands.
Death lingers above or in hindsight.
Life remains close yet so far away.
The throne of hearts sits empty before a forgotten court.
Summer feels cold in these halls. Confused? Certainly,
The world frayed at both ends has nowhere for me to run.

Silence calls me in. Is it a coffin or a sanctuary? Aren’t they the same?
Isolating from a cruel world out of fear. A contagious disease
Ravages the good and evil alike. Sin. My heart rejects
And the truth is I want out from these public gallows.

Don’t you see the light dimming?
I watch in horror. Why do we hate
What we are, monsters? Beasts
Of flesh and mind devouring everything.
The reversal of existence.
Coldness seeped in through the wind.

Never asked to become this. A watcher,
He sees the good and bad in life
But helpless to change anything at all.
Should we be fine with the suffering of others
And step on their corpses in this sick war?
It was never fair. Too bad.
Existing gave the chance to accept or reject.
Well it might sound wrong to resist
The paradigm set in place. A system
We’re born into like slaves of our own greed.
Free choice. We have it but my soul denies it
Like a starving man with food in reach.
Can we walk away from humanity?
Is that what resides inside your heart?

Let the crown fall from this fallible heart
Shattering as it hits the marble floor.
Is this the end or a new start?
From the life on the boat to the stranded shore.

Make do with the world and live on
When tomorrow begins. The Sun
Warms up the surface awakening eyes
Closed from exhaustion of countless days.

Of all the reasons to giving
Up I find the embers still glowing.

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