A Fallen Ornament

I hung from your branches in a forgotten room
Just beyond your dreaming eyes. Did you know
I waited for you to return? Caught in gloom
Remembering a deathly kiss where sins sow.
My king you abandoned me on a cold night.
But the dark seed of your love lives within
Me, your faithful follower. Your pompous light
Radiating from your blood is your only sin.

A pride harbored in your lustful genes? Bleed
Whoever you want while never paying heed
As you steal away their hope. A leader must lead.

Without hatred I accept the beast chained deep
In a reservoir of tainted blood within you.
It claws at everything you once cared for
Leaving nothing except blood in its wake.
Our screams resonating the same frequency.
If we let these fears consume, the vacancy
In the throne room is you and I. My king,
Does it even matter how this all will end?
I believed your every word as truth! You lied.
This is me walking away from your kingdom.

Understanding the harrowing of your heart
Puts me in an odd position. I can’t forget
Or forgive a man who lost himself. Set
The pawns in place to hide all the hurt.

If I can’t move on why would they?
Truth is in your heart not in what you say.

A story that we should just rewrite
But you lost sight. And so good bye.

And so good bye. . . (It hurts to be this cold inside.)

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