Clairvoyant, Perpendicular Lines Inside Our Eyes

An ephemeral wind passes right on through many
And yet everything remains the same. Closed off.
Is that what we have become in time’s erosion?
It seems so long ago when smiles challenged the Sun
But we are the same people. Caught up in semantics
We defy the lessons upon the parchment above, the sky.

Caught in this cycle most avaricious. Building castles
In the sand with dying wishes for graves covered by thistles.
Why do we fight for dreams lost in high tide? Missiles
Held as threats to these cities of glass where nobody whistles.

When humans actually begin to feel and not assume
Could it be possible for our lives to finally resume?

If I look in your eyes what remains? The glow of stars
Or the ashes of pyres circling inside like a hurricane.
Did the atmosphere burn away your heart? The scars
On your skin show of years spent standing in the rain.
What if we saw the pain instead of fighting small wars?

Our sights are so perpendicular that a crash is inevitable
When the arrow of time flies right on by. There isn’t order
In what remains as we abandon our way to say hello. Tell me,
Are we supposed to say goodbye or can we change on the inside?

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