These Roots Unchanged

In the search for more I find myself walking
Among unearthed roots and stones. Knowing
Within this a curse has become a blessing,
But what exactly am I supposed to do now?

Everything grows from firmly placed roots,
Taking that for purpose. A mask that shifts
Everyday until the real face is forgotten.
Who am I? A man, a knight, a king, a beggar;
All of them and none. Don’t you see that
Choices ignite the soul? Every breath
Renews what has been spent. So who are you?
A soul forging or experiences defining the lines
To make polygons, the shapes of your being.
The roots remain until a fire devours them.

Were they ever there if I just forget?
I’m running away and seeking a reset
Because nothing turned out right. I stand
Here wading among memories. Need a hand
Absent from my past to offer me a new path. One
Where the roots remain but I’m under a new Sun.

Reset the point of view and give new
Life to these deep roots. No church pew,
Priest’s words, dollar bills, chosen destiny;
Worldly desires will ever be enough for me!
A friend who sees it all but stays all the same.

What if that was all it took to change? Every person
Abandoning their own wants to give another reason.

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