Another Rainy Day

The reflection in the rain shows
Everything. Too early for snows
To conceal darkness that flows.

In my veins remains the remnants
Of my shortcomings. Little cogs
Coming loose. But the rain sogs
My clothes keeping me in penance.

Deep tears on my heart
Releasing my inner demons;
Memories of your lips
Releasing sealed away angels.
Tell me why! Everything came
Undone when the waters rose.
Abandoned love is a fake dagger
That can kill without a wound.

False truths can become so much stronger
Than their counterparts. Yet what’s stranger
Is the way that a single day changes a life.
From all good things we descend into strife.

The rainwater collecting holds the heart
I once had. Did it decay or sink away?
These things I’ll never have answers for
But maybe that allows some growing room.

I’ll make my way through this rainy day
And ignore the harsh words others say.

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