A Holy War? A Domino Falls

Waiting for the tide to come in. . .
Beneath every heart awaits sin
Like poison pooling deep within.
Pour me a glass of gin.
Tear my soul apart,
Numb the Devil inside.
Is this where you reside?
And so soon we depart.
What came of the Earth?
We fought our bloody war
By damned and divine words.
It drowned our filthy waste.
How does it taste?
Elements created and evolution;
The split arrow lodged in your throat.
Can we ever reach a resolution?
Don’t speak. You’re weak
And your blood streams out.
I can’t understand as you rot
Away what it is that we seek.
The wasteland we force into existence
Has no home for us. Where is the resistance?
Blast my life from the water
And hold me accountable.
Blood on my hands,
Blood in my mouth,
Blood on the ground.
Cleanse me of this cursed river.
All I did was listen. Am I a beast
Trained to listen to those above me?
The blood changed me. I’m not the same.
This is a damn horror not a feast.
Numbed hearts fighting for the top.
The death march of thousands
But we must fear their actions.
When do we lose our way?
What more can I even say?
We follow our gut reactions
Then it is out of our own hands.
We will never ever reach the top.
A war we all made as a consequence
Yet these dead men give no evidence.

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