The Rose of Eternal Night

The dependency of insanity turns the flower
Once red like the cheeks of a lover to black.
Every sense detonates internally. Hack
N’ slash the lines that have turned ever so sour.

Resting above the world in a smoke trail
Choking on the same old sentiments. I fail
To recognize what has changed. There is a nail
Missing from the coffin of a living man. Sail
Far away from a dystopia built from tears and blood.
The dams have shattered. We await the sickly flood
Of our lies to erase everything. When there is food
Thrown away from starving men is there any good?

The black rose grows where my heart should be.
Today I realize the decay and set off upon the sea.

Will I find a way to reverse this disease?
Across the unknown there is a chance
That a new beginning awaits like open arms.
And so I gamble what remains of me to see.

Turn the darkness back. It stays around me like the night
But I still believe that the Sun will rise. Until then I’ll fight.

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