The Coup D’état

To find us both here at the same end.
The ladder’s rungs give way and bend.

Can you even see? Perhaps the wanderlust lingers
Within your eyes like a sickness. Stay and defend;
Orders taken to the heart but in your hands splinters
Fester. Where could we ever find escape? Please, lend
Me a glance of empathy in all this. Coldest of all Winters.

Visibility close to zero. Blasts of cold nip my fingers
Raw and frozen. Chained by icy hearts and integers.

Two friends grasping at a primordial fire
In an attempt to better mankind. To tend
And to witness unless we give into our ire.


When this fateful storm finds its solemn end
We’ll drift away to somewhere we can mend.ides_of_march_painting_hero-fix-E

The Fracture: An Alchemist’s Greatest Tools — A Grimoire and Curiosity (Part 5 of 7)

I reach up into a spruce tree. A conifer branch‘s needles scratch at my hand. I carefully break off the end of a branch. The strong smell it secretes tinges the air. Using a blade of grass I tie the end and place the bundle on a flat rock. I look at the burning Sun then focus on the bundle. Thoughts of warmth and greed pollute my empty mind.

From the immaterial a form emerges. A burning sensation spreads through the individual cells in my arm. I wince from the pain. My cells start feeling as if the moisture starts boiling. I gasp for air. The feeling calms down a little and I begin focusing on the bundle again. The spruce needles move back and forth as if by the wind.

A spark sets the bundle ablaze. The smell of spruce fills the air even heavier now. I clear my throat and begin chanting a few words:

“The way is lost. We pay the cost of nature’s host for a toast. By the very circles and forlorn passages we come bearing the words of men. Must we be lost or can be found? The way remains lost. We ask the ghost of the forest to guide us. Hear us.”

A form materializes from the smoke. It beckons to me like a beautiful woman. My legs move without my consent and the smoke touches my cheek. I loosen my muscles up, the thick air shimmers around me, Daefyr watches from a few yards away, and daylight cascades through the treetops. The spirit dances for a few minutes.

“I hear thee. The lost. Seekers of the West caught between elven sorrow and human wrath. Will you cure the wound or infect it? The blood in you tastes sweet yet sour like berries. To prove yourself as not poison walk through these forlorn passages. Where brambles doth recede for soft feet to tread.” her mystic words choke the air and burn in my chest.


To Be True to Yourself

Everyone wants a place to belong
And a chance at happiness. Imagine,
What will people do without either?
They wage physical and psychological war.

I cross through the sea of their rage
In an exodus from their golden age.
Oh is my heart right? I keep breathing,
It’s all I can do. Yeah, no escaping.

The fact is I’d fight for the right
Of that opinion you hold so tight.
We have to stand up and fight.

Our enemies use our own morals against us.
To divide us. Why do we hate what makes us us?
See there’s a point where others manipulate us
For their own benefit. They don’t care about us.

Try to remember:
We have both a heart and a mind, to love and to understand.

Utopia? No. — Change.

The serene nature by which the night air accustoms itself to my lungs. Could it be any more calming? A cycle of gravity’s depression upon the cavity of space this solar system inhabits creates a series of events cultivating in this single, unique moment. But my mind spoils this moment with thoughts of others who never appreciate the larger scheme at play. I shiver beneath the pale moon wishing I could breathe new life into those hollow men.
Have they lost their way? Honestly, it’s not my place to weigh hearts against a feather. I simply want to show everyone the beautiful yet complex universe we live in. Bettering the human race doesn’t need to equate to better wages, better living conditions, or any better version of a material object. We need a reawakening of the heart, the thing that makes us human. And that is what I write for instead of chasing success. I’m mortal and I won’t waste my time on building a figurative castle because all of this is made of sand. . .it’s meant to be swept away.
Although everything is temporary, we can all take something from what we’ve made. What matters though? Seeing that things won’t last shows brevity that can shatter any world view and make light out of life’s many quarrels. If we task ourselves with the continuation of life and understanding we can create an even better future than money can create. I can see a more unified humanity, less tragedies, and a greater appreciation of life.
Why aim for such a goal? It seems natural to me for one to care for others and express concerns about the toxicity within their hearts. I wouldn’t say that this desire is foolishly idealistic nor that it is arrogantly realistic. The pragmatic truth says we can do much better due to probability but forcing change only creates further problems so we should teach each other. We can be better and better others through brevity, appreciation, and relaxation.

Understand how finite everything is, appreciate what is and let it be, and allow distance between the truth and feelings.

We can make a better humanity if we only try.

The Halls of Time

What was once illuminated falls
Into shadows now. Fate calls
Back everything to these halls.

The choices all lead back to here, have no fear.
We have been here before and so we return
To the ethereal. Dynamic goes static. Changing
Medium by which we perceive all of existence.

Unable to return the same we exemplify all we know.
Destination doesn’t matter. Our memories aren’t snow.

They don’t melt away. Good and bad we face the truth
Of space time yet remain oblivious about higher planes.
I’ll show you the halls of time where nothing ever dies. . .

The Earth, Reprieve from Ourselves

Shattered blades and broken hearts
Are all that we see on this battlefield.

Burn in the flame and tame the desires
Growing within like wild fires. Up the spires
We chase music of lyres but we’re all liars;
Spreading fires among all of our mires.

Can there be reprieve from the destruction we ensue?
Branches conceal new found life. Yet hopes are so few.

Wash away the soot. We walk this new path
Through remnants of wrath. Hey do the math
And see the truth. We burned just for warmth.
Let go of wrath it blinds us to the free Earth.

Humanists V. Aristocracy

Society turned into a consummate system to create money and war. We can’t do anything about it just build, destroy, and rebuild endlessly. Humans keep repeating this cycle. The Earth can only handle so much until we have another Black Death incident. But medically we’ll quarantine or cure it before too many die.

Is 8 billion humans supportable by the Earth? It should be. There’s more of a problem in our overproduction that exists due to economy. I may sound radical with what I’m about to say but the global civilization we have now will eventually overthrow the social hierarchy. And that’s what I spend my life in support of. If humanity mostly did away with monarchy I believe we can dismantle the aristocracy too.

That’s why I’m furthering my education, a game of chess against the aristocracy. The only thing is the pieces are humans and they have their own minds. An aristocracy rarely ever gives a reason to be dismissed under normal circumstances. The only counter to that is a better system which requires more than me.

I’ll never be the one who takes down the aristocracy but I’m going to douse gasoline onto this already burning fire. My morals are better than most though. That’s why my major plan is to remind the human race we are more than consumers and we have a kindness that far surpasses the manufactured hatred used by the extremely wealthy.

“Love, truth, and honor; the members of MAJI will forever uphold these principles no matter what.” ~ The Humanist Group MAJI


The Probability of Change

This isn’t my typical post. I just can’t convey it quickly. So first I’ll give a TL;DR:

The choices we make in life seem insignificant but they aren’t. Never believe you are less than a sentient being and live on.

How were things like the Divine Right of Kings ever believed by our ancestors? The reason is our hypocritical nature. When the truth would hurt another we’ll lie. This trait can’t be seen truly as just bad or good. All events have equal chance of different results. When the concept of Divine Right manipulated every aspect of society it appeared impossible to overcome. We, the human race, did by usurping its throne from within.

The hierarchy created by the rich still functions despite our ambitious strike. When Egyptian workers protested the inhumane construction of a pyramid centuries ago they couldn’t do anything except barter for benefits. All we can do is aim to be slightly higher than slaves. But do those benefits change the reality or simply our perception?

Most of my friends and family members tell me “That’s how it has always been. It’ll never change.” Yeah, if all we ever do is accept what we’re given. The steps toward changing this world scare many of us from ever trying. I truly wish that we’d attempt defusing our situation instead of standing near that absolution. We can’t absolve our sins by acting blind.

These sins aren’t anything a god can erase but by coincidence humanity must find a way. We enslaved a free world with lies, commerce, and technology. The lower castes of society think progress helps better the world while the aristocracy abuses those good intentions. Things haven’t changed because the system we believe in failed.

Governments must take that reality into account. They don’t want to save their citizens just pocket money by very slowly burning the whole place down. When the funding seems lackluster propaganda surfaces inciting conflict. Eventually the citizens will degrade completely making the media their medium of faith and will lash out anyone questioning the system. Can there be any hope at this point?

Certainly. Hope is the desire to seek change from a negative state. A great example comes from a popular quote that says “God is dead.” because we advanced beyond our singular beliefs creating discrepancies within faith. God represents hope for many but this quote has merit stemming from the meaningless existence we might find without purpose. I know I’ve teetered on that destination for many years. Even though other reasons led me there I totally understood how removing purpose might set us down an even darker path. Add that with our greed there’s a better chance people will suffer in this world.

We’re all connected making the impact much greater. If we truly can justify fighting wars for greed then the current world is a giant payday. The first cogs in starting such an event would be those caught between greed and faith. These people might be respected by members of the faith who can’t begin to understand the connections they might have with the outside world. Try to picture the depth and consequences of this partnership.

In a world defined by currency religion, groups of moral teaching, will feel very confused. When they discover orphans of conflict the outcome can be very unpredictable. They’ll adopt their views but a desire for vengeance might lurk beneath and can contaminate the sound morals of their newly found faith. A wealthy, respected member of the religion pulls an orphan aside and discovers the child’s desire for vengeance. The member creates a new sect for the orphans to begin anew but acquires a way for them to obtain vengeance – weapons.

Guns developed to advance warfare find their way into the hands of a conflicted group. Extremism doesn’t develop by itself. Many variables must be set beforehand and even then it’s rare for the extremists to thrive. The world market abandoned a location inadequate in exports creating a need for international aid. And these countries witnessed a battle fought against political extremists where a massive amount of money got expended creating an option.

An extremist religious sect paid secretly by wealth acquired through trade and time takes up the mantle. Ultimately the sect will be defeated at an expense. During this exploitation other countries will reap the profits and sweep the mess under a rug. This event could teach other countries to disrespect each other for profit making many problems for the spheres of influence. Enough problems could lead toward an international affair then conflict between two spheres.

That outcome exists but so do many others. I’ve pondered hundreds of the outcomes and realized something unprecedented. Every action we take has a chance to offset the outcome. An act of kindness could be the difference between war and peace. The truth is every human adds to the probability of possible events. Nothing royalty or aristocracies do can prevent seven billion people from changing what we know, crossing boundaries, learning, and loving. It’s complicated how existence works but also quite beautiful.

Aim to be the best you and don’t worry if it isn’t good enough. You might change the future by accident. That’s kind of scary. . .not as much as quantum entanglement though.

The Human Epic: Part I ~ Of Elysium and Inferno

The sands, they shift as a legend now rises
To enshadow these dunes with wild wishes.

These black marble walls reflect the heat and light
Creating a certain hell called the Tower of Night.

People walk in the shade the tower casts.
They saw the shade as a heaven that lasts.

I never did. I watched them from afar with curious eyes
Wondering why. Why is it that everything someday dies?

Their honest worship of celestial and manmade deities
Left a bitter taste in my mouth with such strong enmities.

I knew better. Some people take to beliefs with violence
While others use kindness. Neither side will use silence.

They aren’t viceful or virtuous just a little belligerent.
Science and faith, trying to make sense of the divergent.

The Primal Truth

The forest holds something I try
To forget. I know others will pry
And discover what makes me cry.

Watching civilization blossom on Earth;
Different ideology, same methodology.
I seek peace and that’s why I took a walk
Into the forest. Early in the cool morning
When the light starts bending through
I set off with no true destination just to go.

An animal that is afraid to be free and in chains
Must tread through these many existential rains.

Would I find solace in a palace?
Would I find happiness in silence?
Would I find myself in my decadence?

“Erase what I’ve seen it burns deeply inside.
I see the kindness and the numbness reside
In many hearts. But I feel like I need to make
A choice between change and what’s at stake.”

The forest holds onto the truth
That wants to be remembered:
Life remains when society falls.