Hydraxus Esi Derum / Hydrogen Delirium

Explosive vindication in the dark;
Sent to thrive on limited energy,
A death sentence. Write an elegy
Little birds flying in reality stark.
What you’ll never know refugee
About the world is lost in a reverie.
Find your way and disembark.

Standing in starlight you’ll be coy
But from that illumination comes joy.

The movement of photons from immense explosions
Bringing life to fertile ground. Toxic concentration,
Everything is set to pass away but the dawn is here.
How long will this cosmic play last? All the players
Abandoned the script in a justifiable madness.
Who was here to watch? Not a soul in the audience
Hearing the asides within this cave of illusions.

Hydraxus esi derum. Prophets seeing visions
In the scrying pool of elements. Hark to the truth
Aringing around thy self, gaze through the keyhole
Because the key’s lost. If you found your soul
Made of hydrogen would you burn? Of couth
And understanding we might make revisions.

Offered eternity or an eternal sacrifice,
It’s up in the air and so are the dice.

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