Finding the Words to Say

Where did the Summer blue
Drift off to, when the birds flew?

I can’t say I know anymore.
That’s the reason for my tears
Falling onto my cheeks. I’m sore
From all the rust on my gears.

Something changed deep inside my heart.
It feels like a darkness, the shadow
Of yesterday casting onto a blank wall,
And the memories go cold. Fear,
A demon tasting the wealth of blood
Pooling in these forgotten chambers.

Did I forget to say goodbye again?
In truth we both wait for the rain.

What have you lost? I should ask
Yet the distance feels great.
Would tomorrow be too late?
Helplessly watching day turn to dusk.

As the first star shines through the veil
Of night I’ll be thinking about this little tale.

By Sclarke1991

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