The Primal Truth

The forest holds something I try
To forget. I know others will pry
And discover what makes me cry.

Watching civilization blossom on Earth;
Different ideology, same methodology.
I seek peace and that’s why I took a walk
Into the forest. Early in the cool morning
When the light starts bending through
I set off with no true destination just to go.

An animal that is afraid to be free and in chains
Must tread through these many existential rains.

Would I find solace in a palace?
Would I find happiness in silence?
Would I find myself in my decadence?

“Erase what I’ve seen it burns deeply inside.
I see the kindness and the numbness reside
In many hearts. But I feel like I need to make
A choice between change and what’s at stake.”

The forest holds onto the truth
That wants to be remembered:
Life remains when society falls.

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