A Promise & Hope

Carrying the heavy tombstone of my people on my back
I make this pilgrimage towards the ruins of a holy city.
My tired body heaves their weight towards the final rest
And from that point on I’ll be free. “Free from what?”

The teachings resonate inside, I’ve retained.
I can’t hold even a candle to the light shone
Upon the darkness known as uncertainty. Alone
I stand testament because my heart’s stained.

Every step I take is mine. The dead are gone
Yet, I remain here carrying their sins to atone.

Would it be so wrong to etch my own tale?
The lows and highs of a life I can call mine.
Was I just that easy to mislead with wine,
The sweet disguise of the lies they sail.

“But I don’t mind. I carry the weight like a candle
Guiding me through the darkness.” I silently cry.
The love in my heart can’t ever be snuffed out.
I’ve accepted that sometimes turning back is hard,
If not impossible; this is why I make the pilgrimage.

“Ring a bell if I ever should return home.
The world has left me alone just to roam
Until I find my place on the Earth’s loam.”

For love keep a promise, for change keep hope.

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