The Shallows of Eternity’s Wake

When does an existence take shape,
In procession or as the shadows fall?
This precarious reality lived in a hall
That stretches outward until the tape.

A quarantined zone awaits at the finish line.
Seeking answers to find more questions, the fine.

Cosmic epiphany like a comet coming back
As the harbinger of the unknown. A tail of ice,
Sparkling with starlight, awakens the dreamers
From their catered transcendental slumbering.

The probability makes all things beautiful.
Every variable plays a part in creating existence
And we are the scions of that accidental state.
Yeah, all I am is a blot of ink on a page.

Existence is an interaction not a state of being.
When these cards are played what are we seeing?
A game of consequence with no point in fleeing.

This is the shallow of eternity. We must wade further down river
If we want to understand more. One day we all will sink under
The water and fade away from our limited understanding.
To transition from the known to unknown is quite reprimanding;
Everything must be unlearned, abandoned. Your perspective a sliver
Caught in flesh that must be removed, forgotten, for the greater.

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