The Probability of Change

This isn’t my typical post. I just can’t convey it quickly. So first I’ll give a TL;DR:

The choices we make in life seem insignificant but they aren’t. Never believe you are less than a sentient being and live on.

How were things like the Divine Right of Kings ever believed by our ancestors? The reason is our hypocritical nature. When the truth would hurt another we’ll lie. This trait can’t be seen truly as just bad or good. All events have equal chance of different results. When the concept of Divine Right manipulated every aspect of society it appeared impossible to overcome. We, the human race, did by usurping its throne from within.

The hierarchy created by the rich still functions despite our ambitious strike. When Egyptian workers protested the inhumane construction of a pyramid centuries ago they couldn’t do anything except barter for benefits. All we can do is aim to be slightly higher than slaves. But do those benefits change the reality or simply our perception?

Most of my friends and family members tell me “That’s how it has always been. It’ll never change.” Yeah, if all we ever do is accept what we’re given. The steps toward changing this world scare many of us from ever trying. I truly wish that we’d attempt defusing our situation instead of standing near that absolution. We can’t absolve our sins by acting blind.

These sins aren’t anything a god can erase but by coincidence humanity must find a way. We enslaved a free world with lies, commerce, and technology. The lower castes of society think progress helps better the world while the aristocracy abuses those good intentions. Things haven’t changed because the system we believe in failed.

Governments must take that reality into account. They don’t want to save their citizens just pocket money by very slowly burning the whole place down. When the funding seems lackluster propaganda surfaces inciting conflict. Eventually the citizens will degrade completely making the media their medium of faith and will lash out anyone questioning the system. Can there be any hope at this point?

Certainly. Hope is the desire to seek change from a negative state. A great example comes from a popular quote that says “God is dead.” because we advanced beyond our singular beliefs creating discrepancies within faith. God represents hope for many but this quote has merit stemming from the meaningless existence we might find without purpose. I know I’ve teetered on that destination for many years. Even though other reasons led me there I totally understood how removing purpose might set us down an even darker path. Add that with our greed there’s a better chance people will suffer in this world.

We’re all connected making the impact much greater. If we truly can justify fighting wars for greed then the current world is a giant payday. The first cogs in starting such an event would be those caught between greed and faith. These people might be respected by members of the faith who can’t begin to understand the connections they might have with the outside world. Try to picture the depth and consequences of this partnership.

In a world defined by currency religion, groups of moral teaching, will feel very confused. When they discover orphans of conflict the outcome can be very unpredictable. They’ll adopt their views but a desire for vengeance might lurk beneath and can contaminate the sound morals of their newly found faith. A wealthy, respected member of the religion pulls an orphan aside and discovers the child’s desire for vengeance. The member creates a new sect for the orphans to begin anew but acquires a way for them to obtain vengeance – weapons.

Guns developed to advance warfare find their way into the hands of a conflicted group. Extremism doesn’t develop by itself. Many variables must be set beforehand and even then it’s rare for the extremists to thrive. The world market abandoned a location inadequate in exports creating a need for international aid. And these countries witnessed a battle fought against political extremists where a massive amount of money got expended creating an option.

An extremist religious sect paid secretly by wealth acquired through trade and time takes up the mantle. Ultimately the sect will be defeated at an expense. During this exploitation other countries will reap the profits and sweep the mess under a rug. This event could teach other countries to disrespect each other for profit making many problems for the spheres of influence. Enough problems could lead toward an international affair then conflict between two spheres.

That outcome exists but so do many others. I’ve pondered hundreds of the outcomes and realized something unprecedented. Every action we take has a chance to offset the outcome. An act of kindness could be the difference between war and peace. The truth is every human adds to the probability of possible events. Nothing royalty or aristocracies do can prevent seven billion people from changing what we know, crossing boundaries, learning, and loving. It’s complicated how existence works but also quite beautiful.

Aim to be the best you and don’t worry if it isn’t good enough. You might change the future by accident. That’s kind of scary. . .not as much as quantum entanglement though.

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