Question What’s Accepted

What if I want to just live on my own terms? Constantly as I grew up people always told me what I should do. Their insights were never wrong but nothing I could ever follow. I’m not saying I plan on being anything new or great. I’ll be the best me I can be and nothing else. When humans try being more than they are they make mistakes and can hurt someone else. That’s no way for me to repay this life I’ve received and my friends.

Maybe I give into my doubt due to fear that I’d lose myself by climbing the rungs of life. The more we gain the more we forget about where we began. How does anyone move forward with that? By believing what awaits them will be better. I no longer believe that things will ever get better and still I saw I look toward tomorrow. That’s just because I only live to see tomorrow even if everything good fades away. Most others dismiss my feelings as depression.

I feel truly alive and great. The reality of any situation shouldn’t stop anyone from living. I wish I could say everything will be alright but life has always been a gamble. High risk and high reward. I’m no betting man I can’t put everything on the line because I have things left to do. Does the path I walk have any neon lights? No. I don’t know what the things I have left to do are either. Truthfully a lot of time wasted thinking about what I’m after.

Life should be lived and cherished for the miracle it is. Nothing should be more grand than the existence we crawl into. But humanity lies to itself about progress in an attempt to further wealth. Tell me, is life all about serving those who control through wealth, power, and manipulation? The simple lives aren’t at fault. What’s at fault is human greed. People complain about the petty things but that divides the whole human race further while the wealthy gain from our pain. Sounds like I’m saying we should bet everything against them. . .I’m not. We need to live our lives and show that we will never give up.

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