The River Calls Out

Roaring rapids permeate the forest’s tranquility.
A sense of adventure entices me to seek
And witness true beauty. It’s hidden behind
The veil of this world, so far from greedy hands.

I wander the forest called Earth where souls
Planted like seeds take root and flourish.
Something beautiful is beyond the selfish
Nature residing within a young soul’s shoals.

One day a hurricane will decimate this internal facade.
Least that’s what we hope for someday before we fade.

Some souls scared me but I stared into the darkness
Without looking back. It resides in us all. I won’t run away.
To accept it is to move forward, to deny it is to fall back;
Let the truth wash you in uncertainty and drown you.

I keep on following a path through the selfish and selfless,
The sinful, believing that the journey will be worth it someday.
It has been. I have felt hurt and I have failed to find my own way
Inside the forest. A thunderous sound calls. The river is restless.

I’ll drink deep the clear untainted waters, scream out my lungs; wake
From the nightmare slumber and shiver in the bitter truth we make.

The heart and mind, idealistic and realistic. . .a helix soul.

Crystal Waterfalls by AnnaArmona

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