Unto the Darkness We Made

The molten metal fuses with twisted magics
And awakens. A serpent entangling lost souls,
Baring its fangs at this world, haunting the night,
And preying on the dearly departed. We forgot. . .

That the darkness stems from within and spreads
Like wildfire. What we give life through our deeds.

Ravenous monsters crossing between reality and dreams.
What we are so obviously blind to rips away at the seams.

All the pain, all the hate, all the lies to keep a false safety
Paint the human existence black with ignorance. Remedy
This affliction of self-torture. Pure hearts are now greedy.

In death we believe there will be peace. For the sinfully blind?
These actions have consequences that will find a way to remind.

I prepare for a fight. We have all failed in some way and the truth won’t fade away with a sip from the river Lethe. Nothing will ever erase what happened lest we lose who we are.

The shadows of ignorance we cast will disperse and the unseen will finally be seen. . .

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