The Darklight Trinity (Existence + Effect = Data)

An exuberant feeling washes over what I once
Was. The heart in me suffocated, asphyxiated,
Until I found a deeper truth. The Darklight Trinity.
This equation written on the edge of shadows.

When existence blooms, evidence traveling outwards;
Meet me at the horizon where information accumulates.

Can we dance there? Behind the starlight and pale moonlight
A beautiful symphony plays. In these eyes the sound enters
Her being til understanding unravels. After endless Winters
Hearts have grown so cold but hope remains true every night.

An equation that can either bring hope or despair. In my eyes
The thoughts have illuminated deep. Others found themselves
Lost among the radiance as if they were kept in the shadows.

To dance on the critical mass of information traversing time and space
Or to run away into the empty darkness of dead stars. Create or erase.

Just choose. . .


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