To Be Free is to Choose

Existence has no chains at all for a beast to tighten
Yet, the beast can loosen what was already there.
An entirely new story through a choice can be written.

That’s the beauty in being. Every single choice holds
Another universe in place at its roots. My only strength
To make my way through all these entangled events;
A noose hugging my neck. There is no certainty here.

I never know if I will be safe. Little lies can comfort
Me like they do for everyone else until I walk away.
A missed heartbeat, a step from a chair, a sway
On a cliff ~ I can’t let my dreams be a last resort.

Life can come undone as quickly as spun thread.
Should calipers cut it or should it unwind instead?

I’ll spend my whole being weaving the tapestry unseen.
My life isn’t mine to lead but to witness and to create
A story that only I can tell. Not for society, not for humanity,
Not for faith; I might be unaffiliated with others but I’m free.

Existence has no set path for the Universe is but a forest. . .

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