To Learn

Sometimes I start feeling like the worst
When remembering catastrophes I created.
The good left desecrated. Flowers wilting
After they bloom. My heart rejects that time.

A time I didn’t know myself. You’re right,
I did terrible things and I can’t fix the past.
These memories sting but they won’t last
If my heart keeps beating to find the light.

No matter what I’ll be prepared for a fight
When it comes my way. Sorry, I failed you
Yet I call on that for the strength I’m lacking.

“I moved on.” The lie everyone says once in a while.
Nobody can forget what they gave just to see a smile.
Is that all gone? Regrets force us to change. (No denial!)

Searching for Clairvoyance

So little are these beliefs I carry.
They feel like rocks in my hands
And I am left with a decision.
Should I try to build once more?

Every time I built this to the sky
It fell down, to discover my fear.

You don’t just walk away from that.
The fear takes residence in the heart
Leaving me lost and shivering. Why?
I’ll ask it again like a razor to flesh.
Put it down. The body craves the fear
And I’ve become a vessel of addiction.

I start searching for what I can’t see anymore.
Along the way my eyes have been blinded;
Beliefs and memories distort reality’s plane.
Looking for someone who clears up my vision.

We all seek clairvoyance. The thoughts in our heads
Keep us imprisoned. Show someone the way back
To Earth because we’re drifting in outer space.
Until that day we remain asleep as time moves.

Picture by akirakirai