The Somber Depths of the Heart

Shimmering shadows fading in and out
From a light source constantly moving.
Without a rhyme or a reason nothing remains
And the world always steers on ahead.
These shadows extend down into my being
Giving shade to the blistering pain held within
While bringing a blind spot to who I am.
If I escape the pain, forget about it completely.
Would the pain still be there? Or am I immune?
Immune to the longing for peace, love, and understanding
Like I numbed my senses into utter decommission.
The situation inside is quite dire.

Demons manifest in the shade of the Sun.
Shrieking horrors await beyond the bend,
Haunting my every breath beneath the gun.
They follow the valleys of my heart then rend.

My whole heart is coming undone, falling apart.
Rivers blood rise from within. Some dark proverb
Rings in my head: “If you seek sanctuary from pain,
You open the Gate inside. Demons pour in like rain.”
These aren’t demons from Hell but my own
Born from the depths of despair that I often drown in.

I need to get back up, fill my lungs, and breathe.
Exhume the demons from within so I can mend
This broken heart. It is up to me alone to tend
These wounds. What did the horrors truly bequeath?

Strength. I learned to face my hidden despair.
And all I have left to do is live and let my heart repair.
Perhaps I’ll find the despair again so I’ll prepare.

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