Understanding is Key

What would anyone do if they could fix the world? The bigger question is how do you fix something that has never been broken? A lot of atrocities came manifest from people. People who never held the common man by their side. They refused to admit their humanity despite being dogged down by time and emotion. Most people find themselves in these struggles but some never do.

Money allows for ignorance and hatred to grow unaffected by the motions of life. What would you do for money? If it was enough would you kill? It is easy to say that you never would. What about when you’re at your lowest? Understand that is why extremism exists.

Muslims are facing a genocide. These people have lost everything and some bastards use them at their lowest to control them. Understand people. If you create a barrier you aren’t doing a favor for humanity. You’re feeding your own selfish agenda. This isn’t the 1900s anymore because the human race has moved forward. We can talk to people around the world and be an influence on their lives. No more does humanity have to be blind to any atrocity. Yet the defining piece is simple:

Will you let people die or will you help them?

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