A Few Words

I was born on this day. November 21st. A little time of happiness that I still feel on this day every year. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do today. Should I reminisce my life, go out with friends, relax for once, or do anything for other people? I haven’t decided. The whole world has changed me so much over these twenty-one years. I can’t really see that so many years have went on by.

I haven’t done much. I am not sure if that is regret or a need to do something. Today I’ll lay those thoughts to rest. I’ll attempt my best to have fun. I have one day to feel joy about my life  that I was so blessed to be given. A lot of things have happened but I’m stronger because of every single one.

I wanted to post something better. I really just need this day to figure some stuff out and let go. Here’s to hoping I’ll be writing tomorrow. A long winded attempt at trying to do some good for others.

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