CyberTech VS Humanity

Sweet smell of peppermint fills the air
Cascading upon me memories from the past.
A time where it all felt a little more clear
Not burdened by a hundred tears that cast.

The world attempts at destroying what makes me me
And I can’t take it anymore. These memories pave
The way back to where my heart awaits. Can’t wait to be
Brought back to that place. But what do I need to see?

Every little carol sung, every dream wasted away,
But here I return just trying see if things will sway.

This repetition sets me to self-destruct
And I pray that I’ll never reconstruct.
Despite my words I return, a cyborg of the digital age
with parts available at the local store. No way to disengage.

And to us living is our sole purpose and death is our defeat,
Anything to deny the inevitable because the truth is unfair,
Unjust, unkind. Living is just the start of seeing what is fair,

Just, and kind. Claim victory as the Universe begins to create.
Born to see, live to feel and be, die to understand value.

Everything else in this world distracts from life.
So see this life? Live and chase it all for it’s up to you.

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