The Crimson Tide

Confiding thoughts relentlessly attack
The state of mind I’m in. If I breathe
I might see the fire go out, lack of air to heave
My chest from eternal stasis. It’s what I lack
And not what I have to gain that I find myself terrified
Of. But somehow every tear I cry is rectified
By the will in my heart to press forward with the pack.

In my silence my titles strip away
One by one like the death of stars in the night sky.

Around me my kin bare their teeth
At a unknowing gazelle. Hunger pushes
Them over the edge, survival instincts breaking in.
Sense and rationality sacrificed for no
More than the fire in our bellies telling
Everyone what they need to survive.

Take me out of this equation.
I’m a stone taken by erosion
Rot yet I seek my own revelation.

How do I find myself here?
Teeth baring, heart racing,
Every rational thought
Ceases from within.

But I pressure myself back
Maintaining distance from the beast.
This beast walking through my mind
As if on a stroll and I only know it’s smell,
It’s shape, it’s home; all of which are me.

My kin stare at me with blank eyes,
Glazed over by insatiable hunger.

White iris puddles get sweeter
As hearts grow ever, ever darker.

Lost in a scarlet scene I look to blue skies.

Tell me that there’s more to this story
Because I feel like a miner lost in a quarry.

Deposits of ore among the rock and dirt,
Gems to find and protect. Sweaty shirt
Taken off, dirty hands, and a heart
Made of stone. How do I depart?

Two illusions of the same life!
What does this serve? My God, my King,
Show me how I can walk anew.
Toss these rinds back and set off,
Ain’t no way I can stay sane here
When my memories eat away at my flesh.

Shadows of my emotion haunt me now
And I can’t breathe without them holding on
To me and my dreams. Can I show
That I am real not a plastic mannequin
On display? I found my own low.

Falling through the clouds of Heaven,
Forgiven and forgotten.

In a few seconds I’ll collide with the ground
And return to my home. Not for a pound
Or any money just curiosity.
I guess we could call it a necessity.

How the beast creates a grave’s mound
Isn’t the same as how people are bound.

Death doesn’t create brothers
Although we bleed side by side.
So many people lost fathers and mothers.
What for? Where does home reside?

Now that they’re gone, the world falls apart.
And all we need is brothers and sisters.
They feed us bullets until we depart.

Why brother, why do you reject my love?
Every second we walk away from the cove
Where our hearts bled. What path did you choose?

When I try to break bread. . .you prepare a noose.

If I must die tonight
Please let me make this right.

When the world is falling apart around you
Don’t ya cry ever for there is light in the end
Of your darkest night. Give me your hand
And let us see that tomorrow. Just let your pain end;
It won’t serve you, it will shatter you.

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