I Won’t Walk Away

Darkness falling from the eyes of
You who got me so strung up
Like a noose coiled around my neck
Hanging me there within these walls.
Under the control of your cloven heart it calls
For a sacrifice made of blood and bone.
Watch as everything that is is now gone.
Taken from us, lost in transition, we wreck
Our way through the fields. I gulp.
Searching for what can’t be found. Love.

If the green scenery fades away
What remains below, the sub-reality?
Relinquish the trappings of Heaven
Let me see your Hell. . .scars you hide.
If I can’t see where you stay
Tell me how else I can repay what was given!
To me this wasn’t a free ride
It was my only home in actuality.

Caught in this fairy tale of despair I halt
Looking back. In the flash of a lightning bolt.

Specters rise from the burnt soil
Singing their ghostly tales.
They don’t see a reason in all this toil
We’re going through. Great wind gales
Push us back, the whirlwind of Hell,
And I’m grabbing your hand all the same still.
Their sorrow floods the only trails
Leading us out of the serpent’s coil.
I’ve seen love and sometimes it fails
But not today if our hearts remain loyal.

The tears from spirits burn bright
And hiss like snakes. So hold onto me,
We can make it through. Don’t stay the same
But don’t turn your back on what’s right.

Even if we lose sight. Keep it straight,
The words you say and the things you do
Map out a constellation for the night.
Wherever you are, I’ll be there for you.
Yeah it’s going to get tough, we will fight,
Somehow we’ll come back if we stay true.
No matter how dark the night I’ll see your light.

Every day is a blessing.
Things change but some don’t,
It’s the ones that don’t that warm us up
From the inside out. Remember that cup
Of coffee on a cold Winter day. Count
It as a reminder for time passing.

We go through all this time side by side.
But do you know where our hearts reside?
At the core of our lives!
Even if you have lost track, I will decide
That I’m not letting go as I wait for the tide.

Grab my hand like a hilt of a blade
And look into my eyes.
For this love we have already paid
With tears. Love dies
After a long war not just a grenade.

Walk with me when we see the yellow Sun
Glowing just for us. Together we can run,
Scream our hearts out, and see that we won.

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