A Kiss

Lips left untouched. They await
A cascade of emotion, soft and delicate,
To connect two people. Is it fate?

Ideally yeah, I want it to be our destiny
Where we collide together like stars.
She’ll overtake me. Like in a litany
Repeat my name to treat your scars.

The truth is we don’t have time to waste
Arguing about petty little things.
She always looks to me for the light I cast.
Somewhere a heavenly bell rings.

When she sees the things that I see
A whole entire reality is created. She is the key
And I’m the lock, a story that needs to be told.
See these nights sometimes are far too cold.

I tried fighting back to warm myself
But nothing could thaw out my heart from within.
Some point I found that there’s some warmth in sin
As I kneel for a taste. It’s a sacrifice of self.

My heart didn’t approve and I learned to walk away.
Don’t think I did this for me. Just I couldn’t stay.

Too many moments of blind lust erased me,
Changed me, and imprisoned me. It’s the same
Way we justify our transgressions. Please tame
My heart so I can walk by your side in this game.

Nothing matters more to me. I can handle the cold
As long as I can hold your hand. I’ll take the cards and fold
Because I’ll never bet with our beautiful lives.
My heart is weak and feeble as it gives
Itself to you. I really just want to break out of a mold
That destines most people to pain. It’s in what we sold.

Hearts given away to those who desire flesh
Tend to never return the same. Ravaged by hunger,
Tricked by deceit — everything we are is crucified
Before us, bleeding our regrets into the soil.

From the blood spilled in the preservation of lies
Terrible things will spawn. So sever all those ties.

Don’t let the darkness take over the daylight.
Listen to me and we can set it right.
As we march towards the future
A futile memory tells us that this is a dream.
So please if that’s what you believe scream
Your heart out! Let that be your life’s overture.

We’re starting from today, putting our best foot forward,
To bring back the fire inside of our hearts. What we go toward
Is our choice alone. Learn to believe in fate despite what we know
Because you never know when you’ll need it like Christmas snow.sa;bdry

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