She Who Breathes Life: The Muse

Fragile in her ways she touches the world.
As it lays blanketed by frost and lost in slumber
A memory lingers just beneath the soil.
Most men ignore her or desperately ask her number
But none of them see her. An angel’s loyal
Heart set free from the stars and the underworld.

She’s biding her time in search for a reason
To smile even though it feels like treason.

Take a second to rewind time. these events
Transcribed into the reservoir of our minds
Like a dagger placed in the hands of the starving,
Memories created without any true understanding.
Yet we try in some way to always be deserving
Of some grand plan be it spiritual or man made
And that keeps us down from our own potential.
So as she feels lost there’s someone lost as well.

Arrogant in his ways he sparks fire with his touch
And everything he knows has been charred black.
A memory lingers just beneath the flames.
Most people ignore him as a weirdo, a mistake, a time bomb
But he looks up to the sky with innocent eyes.
Written in as a thief fallen from a distant paradise.

They don’t know each other that well
Except for what dreams tell them in part.
It’s the one thing keeping hearts in beat
When the world all but stopped it long ago with a spell.
In this time of not knowing when to start
A single moment will tell them to depart.
As she rose from the floor from the sky he fell.

Her longing eyes met his deepened by true emotions
Pouring out creating with them uncharted, new oceans.

A step to take, a chance to make, life at stake;
Every memory of the past once closely guarded within
Released for this single moment where they awake.
Her true colors begin to show like a sip of jin.

He looked at her for longer than a moment,
Saw the beauty on the outside as a testament
To her beauty within, and found himself inspired.
See he wanted something true not what he desired
Because he knew what he needed wasn’t flesh.
He searched for a true heart not made of a mesh.
Someone who is unique and real
Just because he needed it to feel.

Simple words he wrote became magic in his head
Due to what she said. His muse, a goddess of his own,
Gives life new meaning and picks him up when he’s down.
He writes to show his love, she illuminates where he’ll;bdry

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