What It Means

You told me those few words:
“If you must see then just go.
Nothing I say will save you.”
A kindness that forges swords.

In this lonely world I walk to the line.
My heavy feet stumbling and tripping.
Time shifts as I move along. It’s fine,
This paradigm has been constantly moving.

A freedom to chase, a memory to fade.
I couldn’t hold you or stop the serenade
That ripped straight through your chest.
Break this bond before I destroy the rest.

That moment of clarity will be frayed.
Some things need to change and others are stubborn.
You are that stubborn. All sanity washes away,
We walk into the dark hand in hand once more.

I could’ve walked away but I got near
Because from here I can wipe away every tear.

We chased the stars then fell back.
In a free fall we had to make a choice
That we might regret. Look at my face,
I’m scared but I’m here to stay.


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