Goodbye: A Wish

I await here succumbed by the dark.
Shadows swallowed, forms merged,
Hearts laid to rest, and yet tears still lurk.
The stars shining on the last tide forged.

The words spoke from fear circumvent
In my ears like screams left unheard.
Voyage to my core, I must see what hurt
More. Walking away or trying to repent?

We had seen the walls begin to build.
The cups, our hearts, were finally filled.

When you hear the world then heed it.
I would never want you to regret our love.
And for that you must be ready to forget
What we had made. Please just forgive
Me because this hurts but I don’t regret.

Darkness had set on my eyes.
Days in the Sun awaiting the shade
As a respite from what had been made.
A day I saw the glitter leave your eyes.

I welcomed the coming nightfall.
Find your path as I start to find my own.
We must before the birds call.

Time is moving, the Earth is turning;
We are caught in an eternal dance.
The rhythm stays the same,
But not always in the way we want.
I truly did try to be there.
In truth I was your stepping stone
Leading you from a little puddle
To a midnight pond. Cast a stone
Much like a wish into the unknown,
When the dark bursts into light.

It might be really hard now but we will survive
Because in life sometimes you should take a dive.


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