New Direction

Vasha’Lakar has served a purpose of bringing my writing to a wider audience. Under those guidelines the blog has been quite successful. The blog nearly was removed due to me being very inactive. I had some things in my life that needed my attention. Getting started again took a lot of effort which I didn’t mind. My mind began wondering what could be done to improve the quality of the blog. The answers I found stemmed from a comment I received months ago and the concept of a novel I’m writing.

My posts lack a harmony of sorts. Some reflect on my existence while others tell a story in some imagined world. The imagined world is the setting of my novel. Both the setting and my existence correlate with each other on a very complex level. I would very much love to talk about the similarities for days but I’d rather let the writing speak for itself. How exactly does this affect the future of Vasha’Lakar?

I will begin creating paths with my poetry. These paths will show the connections between here and there. When someone reads the poems in the chronological order they’ll see an entirely new perspective. Most of the paths will give background to the novel. (Release date is up in the air still.)

In an attempt to quicken the transition I’ll ask you, my readers. What path interests you the most? Comment your favorite.

Roman Inquisition — Parallel Universe where the Romans attempt to snuff out the truth behind myths.

The Mists — An eternal reservoir of dreams.

Fallen Temple of Kronus — A strong being lost and sealed away behind a veil of stories, myths.

Lost Isles — A part of the Mists left forgotten.

Evolution War — A result of the Roman Inquisition with long reaching consequences based upon the duality of humanity.

The Labyrinth — Pan and his brother escape the Romans.

Vasha’Entra — As Vasha’Lakar is a paradise on Earth, Vasha’Entra was a paradise on Venus.


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