Peace Isn’t Always Happy (Self-Destruct)

Serenity. A careless whisper
Takes it toll like a hidden dagger.
My whole entire peace of mind decays
And the interior becomes exposed.
Twist my heart, unsettle my nerves,
Burn my will, erase me from your mind.

Rewind the scene just to disengage!

On the day this began you sat there
With a smile tempting inner monsters.
I was intoxicated by both sin and fear
Unable to move. For starters,

The peace I cherished was boring.
I dreaded the truth but realized it
As my heart reverberated the dullness
Like I was hollow and empty inside.
Break the bindings around my ankles!

I summoned the hurricane to see my demise.

Waters, the tears forgotten, receded
Just to return home once more. I heeded
The signs but remained on the beach.
Everything has finally fell out of reach.

Why did your words still strike me?
Armor couldn’t block what I had let in
To my heart. Our blood runs the same.

Set the charges on my mind’s wall
Then blast through every barrier beyond.
This is war to bring me back from the Rivers
Because the coin I gave the Ferryman was fake.

Your eyes are the map that brings me to life.

Caught by the tug and pull of others
I abandoned myself in pursuit of lies.
But even when torn apart one thing frees
Me. Something that gives angels new feathers.

It is only you returning hope to my hands.
Together we’ll begin a journey to new lands.

Please tell me the storm is over. . .lie to me.

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