From the Darklight

Falling tears shatter these lonely walls
Around us, sound proof and immune
To the things holding us together — one to one.
Coldness we were taught, still the heart calls.

You see I came to know the world
From the sunshine to the shadows,
Heaven to Hell. I still felt felt empty.
Was it that the answers held no sympathy?
Did I dislike what I found? Did I get lost?
What came of my heart in the darklight?
It changed as I realized that I reside here
Which sounds obvious but it wasn’t.

At the edge of eternity gazing into darkness
I saw my individuality vanish like a shooting star.
All the wars we fought didn’t ever leave a scar
On the flesh shared. No need for selfishness.

Billions of individuals beneath the Sun
Just remember from the stars we are one.

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