Thorns: Fear and Love

Untold legend unfolding
At the corners of your mouth.
If I leaned in would you do the same?
My heart beating so heavily.

We stayed up late talking up the night
About anything and everything. You’re the light
Shining into my dark world. Lead me out
From this cave of uncertainty. I am caught.

The tireless routines of life bored me.
We were told how it was then left here
But that isn’t how the tale ends. We are the same
In our hearts so when life changes we never fear.

Hold my hands when I lay
In both the dark and the light.
Here is all I know and will
Upon this Earth casting stones.
Eternity collapsed with a cave in
Taking me far from what once was.
No turning back, no giving up,
No more lies, no more hiding.
If it all ends then let it end now
Without any hesitation, destroy me.
Wipe away what I have become
Down here where all hope dies.
I grow darker and darker every day.
Let in your light to burn away my shadows.

Touch my cheek and look in my eyes.
See my every demon and say they are lies.

We go through these days working so hard.
Silence fills the space between like thorns
On a rose bush. We fear what it warns
But hold your breath I won’t let love discard.

Unconditionally, I stay because I need you.
When the world is a scary place find a friend
You can rely on even when everything goes dark.

You are that friend to me. So let me lean in
For a kiss. I’ll remain and you are the reason.

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