Shards of an Ephemeral Dream

A light shining in the dark chasm
Of my mind. It awaits the fall within
Me. A suture set in place of this wound.

The flesh left torn by the thorns of life,
Protecting and forsaking. As sharp as a knife
Cutting through parchment absent of words.
Bleeding in truth that ink never affords.

When the stitches come undone
I come face to face with the pain.
Running from myself in the falling rain.
Inside here I am safe but oh so alone.

When the light dies only shards remain.
I search for what my heart might retain.

A dream of existence beyond here and now,
I wrought it from an abyss quite dark
Using these hands of mine. My heart
Started up when the light awoke
Blasting away the dark for a new dawn.
Life returned to me like lightning.
All through my veins strength raced
Eviscerating what had died long ago.
All of my worth once forgotten and lost
Brought back from a tomb within.

Even when this light fades shards remain.
If the world gets tough find what is lost
Deep inside. Life takes a toll. What’s the cost
For existence? And what is there to gain?

The dream changes between every man.
When the world keeps in motion
We dance between reality and dreams.

Blood meant to be bled and stories told.
Truth is life is a journey ready to unfold.

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