A Heart’s Reset

I took the time and built something
I thought would last. Every choice
A mistake because I lost my face
In the mirror. A bell unable to ring.

Recreate what is inside and fail.
Well I lost my way in a fairy tale.

Please forgive me. I know I was never
Good enough to put my fears to rest.
They crept upon me bringing darkness
Upon blue skies. My heart tears apart
Like a love note a young boy never sent.
Or maybe the tears he cried, he was rejected
Because he wasn’t good enough at the time.
Love evaded him for so long until a day came
Where someone saw something in him.
She left so quickly as if a cherry blossom
Making him miss her even more. He
quickly amassed love stories but no path.
None of them stayed by his side.
Now a man he still cries the nights away
Wishing he never ever knew love.
Made amends with an old love just to
Find himself unable to stay. How ironic?

I am him, lost inside of my own heart
Without a compass to lead me home.

Every memory replays in my head
Like punishment for how I lived.
How can I atone? The answer thrived
Deep in me. Find a path that I can tread.

Send me back home as my heart
Goes supernova. I must face
My own demons to be free again.
I walked away so I learn to smile
Because life is too short. I’m sorry.
My heart needs to start over. . .

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