The Serenade of Our Clandestined Tears

“Sometimes things are better left unsaid.”

Words kept like a sharpened blade
Concealed beneath a gentle guise.
All I do is try to see this eye to eye
But something threw us into disarray.

The choices in life twisted
Our hearts into parallels.

Yet we both long for a day
Loneliness can no longer sway
These broken hearts. Just say
What hurts before we decay.

A world of untold stories awaits
Those able to abandon the Fates.
My friend, we sit here at the gates
Wondering why we should fight
On in this life. Everyone wants a light
Illuminating everything in sight.
We are sitting here in the wake
Of tragedy asking whats true and fake.
Look deep inside to find the might
Offering a new road for you tonight.
If we fail this we become a blight.
My friend, we sit here at the gates.
One day we will choose our own fates
Where our own untold story awaits.

Those tears you’re concealing sing truth
Under a starlit sky back in our youth.

Sometimes things need to be said. . .


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