Waters Rising, the Tomb I Keep

My safety, an isle far away
From the sorrows of life,
Has been sinking far below.
I search and wade in the shallow
City looking for a lost fife.
A melody will let memories stay.

Nothing more than tears in the streets
As the people chase after eternal sweets.

When I reach the cathedral,
My bleeding heart torn out,
The real fears take hold of me.
All around me my safety faded
Away leaving me with my demons.

Silently they pulled the cords
On the gallows. The crows
Scattered. Thick blood shows
Through creaking floor boards.

I looked at the ceiling with frightened eyes
Ignoring the sticky fluid reaching my knees.
Every pew I reached skeletons of the past rose.
One by one they reminded me of the path I chose.

“If I can remember yesterday will things
Return back to normal? If my heart sings
Will the stars return to their eternal thrones?
I’d do anything to forget these pathetic moans!”

My hands touched the altar and I fell down.
The blood up dragged me under. Doubts
Encircled me but I swam towards the light
Despite how much hope I lost in this time.
A need for this safety outweighed all logic
Because it was all I ever knew to embrace.
When the world rejected me I dreamed
Of a lost isle where dreams never die.
Was I just too selfish? The blood splashed
In my eyes as I watched it recede away.
I coughed a bit then raised my head.
A memory played out before me.

Someone I respect talked to me on what
Life meant. I listened and knew that
My feelings differed greatly but I stayed there.
Every human exists but few are willing to share.

“A place to rest my heart when I am scared
Isn’t wrong. For so long I lived in fear
Of what others thought about me.
My heart shattered for them. Never again.”

I awoke to the call of birds, Earthen angels,
Who have been waiting for daybreak like me.

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